Our vast storage facilities benefit our clients in many ways.

Saving Money

By utilizing our storage facilities, clients can take advantage of favorable pricing and stock up on large amounts of boiler tubing for future needs.

Saving Time

With our clients’ boiler tubes stored at our fingertips, we are able to immediately perform emergency bends and ship the tubes so our clients can quickly get their boilers back up and running.

Reducing Outages

While most suppliers only build and install new products, Helfrich Brothers works with clients on superheater rebuilds and storage. In conjunction with installing a new superheater, we will remove the existing superheater and package and ship it to our facility in Lawrence, Mass., where we will rebuild the pendants and store it until the new superheater requires maintenance.

Maximizing Budgets

We give our clients the capability to maximize their annual budgets by purchasing products from us in the current budget year for future installation. We will store the products and schedule the work according to our client’s timeline. Many suppliers shy away from long-term storage projects, but we welcome them.