Rochdale Village Repower Project

Jamaica, Queens, NY

Rochdale Village, Inc. Power is a total energy 21 MW facility that generates all the electrical power, heating, air-conditioning and domestic hot water services for a residential co-op and two shopping malls that is home to nearly 25,000 residents.

The facility originally had four replicate Riley-Union Iron Works MH type packaged boilers that went into operation approximately 1963. Each boiler is a natural circulation, “A” type, superheated, pressurized design, natural gas fired unit firing natural gas. Each boiler was originally designed to produce 100,000 pph of steam at 650 psig and 650 °F at the superheater outlet. Each boiler had two burners and a packaged fin tube economizer.

Helfrich Brothers Boiler Works was selected as the EPC contractor for the repowering project. Three of the four package boilers were completely re-tubed with many furnace design changes implemented.

A fifth unit was added to the plant as part of the repower project. HBBW installed the cold iron piping and the fifth boiler.

HBBW Scope of Work
  • Engineering
    • Re-design the outer casing of the superheater side to a membrane wall with side walls extended out to fully enclose the superheater
    • Re-design of the rear furnace wall to membrane fin design
    • Thermal analysis of the boiler to establish temperature, pressure and flow profiles for the steam and flue gas paths
    • Stress analysis of membrane walls
    • Installation/arrangement and shop fabrication drawings
  • Complete re-tubing of the boiler, superheater, and economizer. Only steam and mud drums remained.
  • Material procurement
  • Steam drum assessment/inspection
  • All demolition and installation
  • Insulation and lagging

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