Spray Attemperator System Addition


A 55 megawatt renewable energy power plant needed an additional spray attemperation system added to the boiler.

The boiler at the facility is a Foster Wheeler design that went into operation approximately 2007. The boiler is a natural circulation, superheated, balanced draft design, single furnace, stoker fired unit firing biomass, including poultry litter. The boiler is rated to produce steam for a steam turbine generator rated approximately 55 MW. The boiler produces 490,000 pph of steam at 1,555 psig and 980 °F.

The boiler has three superheater sections; primary, intermediate, and final. There is currently a spray attemperation system located at the intermediate superheater outlet. The client has indicated that the steam temperatures at the outlet of the intermediate superheater are higher than desired for reliable long term operation, and desired the addition of spray attemperation at the outlet of the primary superheater, among other measures, to reduce the excessive tube temperatures.

Scope of Work
  • Field Inspection
  • Engineering and design
    • Prepare piping layout
    • Determine pipe layout of piping and support locations
    • Determine pipe sizes and thickness
    • Review of suspension level steel in vicinity of new pipe for support location development
    • Prepare general arrangement drawing
    • Develop design criteria
    • Evaluate piping using STAAD computer modeling
    • Prepare pressure parts calculations
    • Specify spray station nozzles, valves, and instruments
    • Prepare general arrangement of attemperation water system piping

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