86 Intermediate Superheater Assemblies

A 55 megawatt renewable energy power plant needed to replace 86 intermediate super heater assemblies.

The boiler at the facility is a Foster Wheeler design that went into operation approximately 2007. The boiler is a natural circulation, superheated, balanced draft design, single furnace, stoker fired unit firing biomass, including poultry litter. The boiler is rated to produce steam for a steam turbine generator rated approximately 55 MW. The boiler produces 490,000 pph of steam at 1,555 psig and 980 °F.

The Superheater
Scope of Work

• Field Inspection
• Engineering (Installation/arrangement and shop fabrication drawings)
• Material procurement
• Fabricate 86 intermediate superheater pendants complete with 360 degree Inconel weld overlay in lieu of tube shields, S.S. hand-cuff tube supports, and all solid ties.
• HB Field Services performed the demo and installation on the new elements.

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